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Experance Cost Chart Empty Experance Cost Chart

Post by ST: Kat on Fri Feb 23, 2018 4:48 pm

:::  :E: :X:  :P:  :::
:grayorb: Attribute  :arrow1:  Current Rating x4
:grayorb: Existing Ability  :arrow1:  Current Rating x2
:grayorb: New Specialties & Expertise   :arrow1:  2exp
:grayorb: New Ability  :arrow1:  3exp
:grayorb: Clan Discipline  :arrow1:  Current Rating x5
:grayorb: Out of Clan Discipline  :arrow1:  Current Rating x7
:grayorb: Secondary Path  :arrow1:  Current Rating x4
(Thaumaturgy & Mortis etc)
:grayorb: New Discipline  :arrow1:  10exp
:grayorb: New Secondary Path  :arrow1:  7exp
:grayorb: New Ritual  :arrow1:  Ritual Rating +1
:grayorb: WillPower  :arrow1:  Current Rating
:grayorb:  Virtue :arrow1:  Current Rating x2
(Raising Virtue with Exp points does NOT raise the Traits based on it, such as Road and WillPower)
:::Combo Discipline / Devotion :::
:grayorb:InClan  :arrow1:  10exp
:grayorb:InClan + Out of Clan  :arrow1:  15exp
:grayorb:Out of Clan  :arrow1:  20exp
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