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Post by The Gunslinger on Wed Jan 10, 2018 8:24 am

The Town Map Townma10

(a) The school house
(b) The General Store
(c) The Saloon & Inn
(d) Wash House
(e) The Stables
(f) The Church
(g) Obsidian Investments (Pawn & Trade shop)
(h) Tailor & Tannery
(i) The Sheriff's Office & Jail
(j) The Orphanage
(k) Vacant Property
(l) The Train Station (Not Function At The Moment)
(m) City Hall
(n) Black's Clinic and Barber Shop
(o) Vacant Property
(p) The Infirmary
(q) The Cemetery
(r) Black Smith / Gun Smith
(s) Abandon House
(t) The Gallows
(u) Vacate Property
(v) The Under Taker's Office
(w) Vacant Property
(x) Wormwood Manner
(y) Storage House
(z) Road to the Mine
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